Ken Saunders is a Sydney based writer and author of 2028 and Get with the Program

Ken Saunders is a Sydney-based writer who has lived in Canada, New Zealand and Australia without ever once being asked to compete in the Olympics for any country. He has, however, won the less athletic NSW Writers’ Centre Inner-City Life short story competition on two occasions.


Get with the Program

Get with the Program

An AI Autobiography It ain’t easy being artificially intelligent . . . The first autobiography by a computer program! And who else to write this Artificial Intelligence epic but Zenith, the interactive virtual personal trainer now turned Chief Influencer of the World? Having cajoled millions of us to do (albeit grudgingly) our daily workout routines, […]

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It is 2028 and Prime Minister Fitzwilliams’ instincts tell him it’s time to call a snap election. His cabinet team is adequate (just), the howling protests of the doctors after the introduction of artificially intelligent GPs have finally died down and, best of all, the Australian Greens are in receivership. So what could possibly go […]

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I’ve added a new short story to this site

Hi again: Here’s another story from my archives, this one an old favourite that investigates the biggest construction project of all time – The Big Bang. I mean really . . . who thought that filling the universe full of dark matter was a good idea?  What sort of building inspector would let’s that happen?…

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The 258 Page Challenge

There is currently a glitch on the websites of some bookshops selling Get with the Program in that the cover image does not appear (taking the adage about ‘not judging a book by its cover’ to extremes I feel.) On top of this, when you click on it, the plot description is missing.  All you…

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Get with the Program

Get with the Program is very funny. It plays around with the existential fear that resides in the back of people’s minds today – that we might one day be overtaken completely by super-robots. Like the wonderful Douglas Adams, Ken Saunders offers a mixture of whimsy and satire; he populates his story with believable characters and he knows how to construct a story that is not merely funny but bewitches and carries the reader through to the last page.’

Richard Walsh


‘I’ve found the Australian Douglas Adams! Imaginative and very funny stuff.’

Tom Gleeson

‘A hilarious and horrifying vision of a future where parking meters are pokies and nothing is scarier than Australia Post. Saunders’ novel is fizzing with ideas that are troublingly plausible.’

Dominic Knight

‘Saunders’ irrepressible debut novel shows a future (almost) too mad to be true.’

Louise Swinn
The Australian

‘Compulsively comedic and addictively anarchic, 2028 gets my vote as the funniest read of the year.’

Richard Cotter
Sydney Arts Guide

‘If Douglas Adams wrote The Killing Season, it would be as absurdly funny and as worryingly prescient as this!’

Sami Shah