Welcome to my website

I’m trying to launch my newest novel, Get with the Program, in the middle of a Covid lockdown and it’s enough to drive a person to blogging.

A few days ago, Get with the Program was released ‘worldwide’ (a bit of an exaggeration. I expect it would be hard to get it on any of the Antarctic stations) and I’m thrilled to see that there is already some speed reader on a website somewhere in Britain claiming to be selling a second-hand copy.   

As for this website, you’ll get to see shameless promotion of my novels here and read some of my favourite short stories. Three are up already and I’ll be adding a fourth in November, an astronomical investigation into the biggest construction scandal of all time: the Big Bang. If you thought the cost overruns of the construction of the Montreal Olympic Stadium were staggering, who exactly at the very dawn of time signed off on buying all that dark matter? 

I’m a new hand at blogging. I have done postcards before–but that probably isn’t quite the same thing.

Having a great time. Wish you were here.