2028 by Ken Saunders

It is 2028 and Prime Minister Fitzwilliams’ instincts tell him it’s time to call a snap election. His cabinet team is adequate (just), the howling protests of the doctors after the introduction of artificially intelligent GPs have finally died down and, best of all, the Australian Greens are in receivership. So what could possibly go wrong?

The PM is prepared for everything until he finds himself facing what he least expected – an actual opposition. How do you deal with a party that doesn’t play by the rules, protests in the nude, sends mail by carrier pigeon and has a list of candidates all named Ned Ludd?

Welcome to the Australia of 2028 where parking meters double as poker machines, radio shock jocks have been automated, the Communist Party of China has turned itself into a multinational corporation and ASIO’s glory days are so far over that it’s resorting to surveillance of a Charles Dickens reading group.

Outrageous, sharp and wickedly funny, 2028 takes us to a near future where the not very good ideas around today have become several years worse.


‘I’ve found the Australian Douglas Adams! Imaginative and very funny stuff.’

Tom Gleeson

‘A hilarious and horrifying vision of a future where parking meters are pokies and nothing is scarier than Australia Post. Saunders’ novel is fizzing with ideas that are troublingly plausible.’

Dominic Knight

‘Saunders’ irrepressible debut novel shows a future (almost) too mad to be true.’

Louise Swinn
The Australian

‘Compulsively comedic and addictively anarchic, 2028 gets my vote as the funniest read of the year.’

Richard Cotter
Sydney Arts Guide

‘It’s a state of peak technology, peak focus groups, peak surveillance. But the revolution is coming—and it’s off-line, naked and riding a bicycle.’

Kathy Wilcox

‘If Douglas Adams wrote The Killing Season, it would be as absurdly funny and as worryingly prescient as this!’

Sami Shah

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