The 258 Page Challenge

There is currently a glitch on the websites of some bookshops selling Get with the Program in that the cover image does not appear (taking the adage about ‘not judging a book by its cover’ to extremes I feel.) On top of this, when you click on it, the plot description is missing.  All you can find out about the book is that it has 258 pages and weighs 364 grams. I suppose that last bit is useful if you are in the mood to read something that isn’t too weighty.

I’m looking to get this problem sorted but, in the meantime, in case you are in some sort of personal challenge along the lines of “I’m only reading books that are 258 pages long this year”, I should qualify that the plot of the book is 249 pages. There are nine pages of the usual fluffing around with dedications, acknowledgements, author’s biography and tepid threats about not being allowed to reproduce the book without permission.