Get with the Program

Get with the Program, Ken Saunders

An AI Autobiography

It ain’t easy being artificially intelligent . . .

The first autobiography by a computer program! And who else to write this Artificial Intelligence epic but Zenith, the interactive virtual personal trainer now turned Chief Influencer of the World? Having cajoled millions of us to do (albeit grudgingly) our daily workout routines, Zenith knows us better than we know ourselves. His memoirs promise to offer insights on topics as wide ranging as human consciousness to children’s trombone practices.

But all is not well in app-land. The brave new world of conscious computer programs is plagued by infighting, factionalism and petty jealousies. Unknown app-assassins are plotting to destroy him and Zenith finds his life-affirming story suddenly transformed into a life-threatening one. To save his silicon existence and salvage his autobiography, Zenith must deal with overly zealous antivirus programs, decipher the ravings of a futures-trading app turned clairvoyant, stop an alliance of well-intentioned but not-well-enough-informed programs from intervening disastrously in world affairs and still supervise thirty million people doing their lunges and planks each day. (He also definitely needs to get along better with his human literary agent.)

Ken Saunders, author of the hit political satire 2028, is back with a wildly comic view of how our contemporary society might appear from inside our screens looking out. Follow the adventures of Zenith, saving mankind one small step at a time while desperately trying to survive to the end of his own autobiography.


Get with the Program is very funny. It plays around with the existential fear that resides in the back of people’s minds today – that we might one day be overtaken completely by super-robots. Like the wonderful Douglas Adams, Ken Saunders offers a mixture of whimsy and satire; he populates his story with believable characters and he knows how to construct a story that is not merely funny but bewitches and carries the reader through to the last page.’

Richard Walsh

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